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Experiential Marketing: Sobeys Newcastle Kitchen Surprise

A few weeks ago, we collaborated with the amazing team at Starburst Creative to create a pop-up dining experience for what the guests believed to be a menu preview of a new restaurant named Fresh Market Bistro. Community members from around northwest Edmonton indulged in a mouth watering five-course dinner served under the banner of this new restaurant. What the guests didn’t know was that Fresh Market Bistro was a cover for Sobeys Newcastle. The project was part of a Sobeys Newcastle larger campaign geared towards promoting the uniqueness and fresh food discovery of their new concept store at Sobeys Newcastle.

This is a really good example of creating a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience. Check out the video to see the guests reaction after the big reveal.

#engagementmarketing #sobeysnewcastle #experientialmarketing #b5communications #edmontonpublicrelations #PRstunt

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