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We create unforgettable brand experiences that engage our clients’ customers, motivate audiences and inspire industries. 

Some of our clients are local legends. Others are small startups.
Our client roster has little to do with their company’s size, and everything to do with partnership, collaboration and shared vision for what we as communicators can do together to help their bottom line.

event planning, public relations, B5 Communications
Real Estate PR, B5 Communications
event planning, public relations,  B5 Communications

Public/Stakeholder Engagement Events


We provide a variety of communications services and expertise in public and stakeholder engagement, and work closely with municipal, provincial and federal government representatives, media, associations, and  interest groups to put together effective and successful public involvement events. 



event planning, public relations, B5 Communications
Lifestyle PR

We live in a world where consumer choice creates an unrelenting pressure to be the latest, biggest and best. Only innovative, compelling campaigns cut through the noise. Whatever your product is, we design PR campaigns that are relevant, powerful and integrated.



Real Estate PR

Are you a homebuilder or a land developer or a real estate agent?

From communicating the transformative impact of a new development, to unveiling the latest technological advancements that are changing the business of real estate, we can introduce industry conversations, highlight your unique expertise and support your business and comunications objectives.



event planning, public relations, B5 Communications

Automotive PR


We love cars - vintage, new, compact, large, sports, luxury, electric and hybrids. We have experience and knowledge when it comes to marketing cars. And we do it well. Whether you're opening an auto service shop or a dealership or introducing a new model, we can help you raise your profile, build audiences and engage consumers.


cause-based PR

We are passionate about using communications to make a difference. We specialize in planning and promoting cause-based events that matter. With B5 Communications, you have a partner who knows the cause marketing landscape intimately and can help you combine the best dynamics for success.



event planning, public relations, B5 Communications

Startup PR

You just started a business and don't know where to start? Getting PR for your startup is one of the best ways to increase awareness of your business venture and increase your client base.


B5 Communications can help you increase your visibility and capture the attention of media, influencers and prospective partners.


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